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The name Rifle-Shot, while sounding controversial, is derived from the power of focus and specialisation, in contrast to the “shot-gun” approach to business we see so often in practice, that leads to underperformance or in some cases even total business failure.

Rifle-Shot Performance Holdings, established in 2001, is a business consulting, distributor, reseller and implementer of leading operational management software systems for large and medium businesses. But more than that, it is a software vendor with a real difference.

We work to enable our customers to see what they confront now, on this day, and what is coming and not just what they would have seen if it were last week or last month.

We accomplish this by blending superior management consulting using subject matter experts with high value add niche software products and its unique and engaging project methodology. (Business Alignment & Growth), to effect exceptional operational performance in and with our customers

Industry and Solutions Sets

From the many complementary and focussed products and services that make up the Rifle-Shot portfolio, there are particular groupings carefully selected to maximise the control and detail that enable companies to deliver superior returns to their stakeholders, often complementing existing investments in information management technologies and these are particularly aimed at specific sectors in manufacturing, mining and utilities.


Business Management ERP for Make to Order / Engineer to Order Manufacturing Companies

Ross Enterprise

Ross ERP for process manufacturers in food, chemicals, minerals and related industries


SoftExpert Excellence Suite is comprehensive integrated enterprise software for Compliance and Performance Excellence.


Based on Manufacturing Planner (MP) and Synchronized Resource Planner(SRP), our solution is the next generation in Advanced Manufacturing Planning (AMP) .

Proficy Plant Applications

Manufacturing Execution Systems : Speed up Production; Improve Quality; Reduce Costs

WAM Supply Chain

Triple Point for Supply Chain Planning & Scheduling (SCPS) optimizes and streamlines the supply chain planning process with powerful procurement scheduling, production scheduling, and replenishment planning functionality.


Enhanced operations performance through improving safety and reducing accidents on the plant.



Specialist Business Management (ERP) for Make to Order and Engineer to Order manufacturers who make customised products


Supply chain planning and scheduling software for complex manufacturing and Maintenance Repair and Overhaul optimisation


Enterprise Quality Management, Business Process and Compliance Management Suite for all industries


ERP supplier for Process Manufacturers.


Provides real-time, innovative solutions to competitively address the complex and volatile commodities supply chain: trading, procurement, enterprise risk management, logistics, scheduling, storage/inventory, processing, settlement, and accounting.

GE Intelligent Platforms

GE Intelligent Platforms provides industrial software, control systems and embedded computing platforms to optimize our customers’ assets and equipment.

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