Business Alignment and Growth Methodology

Rifle-Shot’s tried and tested implementation philosophy is built around your people and processes. These provide the substance of your business, while the implementation of technology acts as an enabler providing life to the company strategy and enabling consistency of actions through providing and embedding the framework for measuring and evaluating outcomes.

Business Alignments and Growth represents Rifle-Shot’s trademarked set of processes for creating the alignment, setting the geography for growth and then stepping the business processes through the Prepare, Execute, Embed and Enhance levels of system maturity to achieve optimum levels of business development and growth. BAGTM is an integral part of the Rifle-Shot Project Methodology based on world leading standards of PRINCE2 and PMBOK, enhanced to ensure maximum effect.

In the graphic below, the technology triangle is shown supporting processes which in turn give direction to the actions of the Personnel. Competitive advantage occurs when the three elements of personnel, process and technology are aligned with the strategic intent defined by the governance procedures.

Management has the unenviable task of synchronising these elements, through communication and leadership to best meet the needs of your chosen marketplace and your customers and consequently derive optimum business results.

Due to the high pressures involved in specialist businesses during on-going interactions with external and internal systems, there is often the need for intervention by an uninvolved third party to realign people, process and technology with the organisational intent and to achieve the ever-shifting target of maintaining competitive advantage.

Perspectives taken in our review cover strategic, tactical and operational foci.

Our approach commences with understanding the business, it’s markets and the strategies set to take greatest advantage of these through studying the Strategic plan and meeting usually with members of the Board, or of its Strategy Committee. This process also identifies opportunities for people, process and technology enhancements to better match the desired strategies.

The project dimensions below are shown in a somewhat aligned position, with the Recurrent Gap identifying significant opportunity for co-ordinating the dimensions in line with the Strategic Intent.

With knowledge of the Strategies in mind, reviews are then conducted around the separate elements of Personnel, Process and Technology with the objective of aligning these with the Strategies, and thereby minimizing the Recurrent Gap.

Regrettably, as highlighted in Systemic Thinking, every business system has inter-actions with various other internal and external systems. Should any of the external systems change while the internal system remains static, competitive advantage will be eroded to the detriment of the business results. It is for this reason that far from being just a quick fix, the BAGTM process aimed at staying ahead of moving targets acted on by multiple forces generating exponential and continuous change, represents an on-going relationship in the quest for continuous improvement.

Our consultants are highly experienced in their fields, and ably apply the customer specific formal programmes to engage the business, the personnel and the processes before, during and after the introduction of technology.

With the design based on the strategic direction of the organisation, and the three elements rigorously aligned through the BAGTM processes of the project, they combine to provide a powerful force for achieving operational objectives.